Eric Wilson

"There is no one quite like Bitsy.  Dedicated, motivating and most importantly, fun. Bitsy has a palpable passion and zest for life that is infectious.  Training with Bitsy made going to the gym something that I actually looked forward to rather than dreading.  I've found that as much as she pushes her clients to succeed and reach their goals she pushes herself, too - constantly reading, researching or taking new courses. 

Bitsy genuinely cares about her clients and their goals, which is refreshing in a field that is often just a hard sell to buy more sessions.  You can't go wrong with Bitsy"

Rafi Golberstein

At the beginning on 2019, I started seeing Bitsy to help with a body I was having issues with: bad left shoulder and dealing with weight gain from a digestive issue I had suffered from through all of 2018. It was before my second visit that I learned I was pregnant.


Training through pregnancy was one of the best things I could have done for myself-- not just physically but mentally. During my pregnancy, I actually lost a lot of the weight i was unhappy about (this was seen through only gaining 22 lbs in my pregnancy and a stronger, leaner appearance other than my growing belly).


I saw Bitsy up until 36 weeks and every step of the way we worked on strengthening my core and preparing my body not just for childbirth but for recovering afterwards. I felt stronger at the end of my pregnancy than at the beginning. It is now becoming more common practice to work out through pregnancy-- and it SHOULD be. Bitsy helped me to safely move through this period of time in my life.

Tess Mix

I could write a whole blog about this but to summarize: training with Bitsy during my pregnancy and during postpartum has been one of the best things that I could have done.  It kept my body fit and toned while it was changing; it helped with my mood swings and anxiety of the unknown and also, after having my baby, it was instrumental to my weight loss.  Can’t thanks enough for having the chance to do it (and continue doing it). Training was not only a gym routine, it was a stress reliever and sometimes even a therapy session!   


Kathy Arcano